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The Best Food Platters in Sydney

Home to Sydney's favourite platters, Platform 82 is a mouth watering and most notably Instagram worthy, food experience. Everything is made from scratch and cooked daily and catered to Halal, Keto and Gluten free dietary requirements. This is the best excuse to get your best crew together and demolish one of these insanely stacked platters. With over eight super breakfast and lunch platters to choose from, your hardest job is simply choosing one and then finishing it. Don’t forget to pimp your platter with a dessert topper for just the right amount of balance, and finish off with the signature Platform Freak Shakes.

Need something to kickstart your day in the best way? Get your closest mates together and make your attempt at demolishing the Big Breakfast platter. This one is loaded with eggs made three ways, as well as bacon, breakfast sausages, chorizo, mushrooms, hashbrown, avocado, feta, slow roasted tomato, baby spinach, and house baked beans. And if that isn’t enough for you, you can throw on halloumi or smoked salmon and really start the morning like you woke up like that.

The Big Breakfast

Need more? Grab your Middle Eastern Cuz and dig into fried eggs, scrambled eggs, slow roasted tomatoes, foul mdamas, grilled sujuk, pan fried lamb kofta, dukkah coated avocado, house made hommus & babaganouj. Enjoy this one with marinated olives, mushrooms, hashbrown, halloumi, pickles, cheese sambousik, labne and fried cauliflower with taratoor & za’atar manoosh. Finish this halal feast with your favourite Platform freak shake like the Cherry Ripe or Milo.

Middle Eastern Cuz

If lunch is more your vibe, then look no further because let’s face it, we all wanna be bloggers who lunch. This aptly named platter is an Instagram dream with cheese burger sliders, southern fried crispy chicken sliders, buffalo chicken wings, house cheese sauce loaded fries, watermelon & feta salad, quinoa & baby spinach salad, and a margarita pizza to top it off. Even if you can’t finish it, this one is guaranteed to get you some double taps on Instagram.

We all wanna be bloggers who lunch

In this plate of Mexican goodness you can build your own tacos with soft tortillas, braised black beans and pulled chicken. Then load it up with toppings like fajita spiced vegetables and chilli con carne, shredded cabbage, jalapenos, guacamole, fresh tomato salsa and sour cream. Finish off with beef nachos and crispy chicken taquitos. Cheers with a Frozerita made with tequila, blue curacao, lime juice, lemonade and ice.

Plato Mexicano Homie

Dreaming of an all American escape? Get Trumped with this mouth watering platter including pork corn dogs, pork hotdogs, hillbilly slaw, cheese and bacon burger sliders, southern fried crispy chicken sliders, jalapeno poppers, house cheese sauce loaded fries, buffalo wings and mac ‘n’ cheese. Add a Platform Sundae Platter Topper, and this one will have you feeling like you should be in the Midwest.

You Got Trumped

Whether global warming is up for discussion, the only thing that doesn’t need debate is this vegan platter. This one is loaded with house made hommus, roasted chickpeas, fresh mint, pickled onion and babaganouj. It also comes with candied walnuts, foul mdamas, chimmi churri roasted carrots with fresh coriander & sesame, hashbrown, marinated olives, pickles, falafel, za’atar manoosh, slow roasted tomato, avocado, fresh tomato bruschetta, fried cauliflower, grilled broccolini & oven roasted pumpkin.

The Global Warming is real

2020 got the better of your diet? Conquer a Not So Paleo Pete stacked with smoked salmon, bacon, halloumi, poached eggs, creamy mushrooms, cottage cheese, and sausages. Just remember to save room for avocado, olives, chorizo, broccolini, fresh garden salad, cabbage slaw, and mixed nuts & seeds. Stay in your good food mood by slurping up one of our fresh squeeze juices or smooth-eeze to go with it.

Not So Paleo Pete

Looking to get Slim and Shady? You will with this mouth watering platter to share. Get this platter guilt free with a quinoa garden salad, pumpkin and roquette salad, fresh and grilled seasonal vegetables, halloumi sliders, pulled chicken sliders, avocado, sweet potato fries, house made hommus and yoghurt granola cups. Need more balance in your life? Treat yourself by adding bacon or loaded fries.

Looking Slim and Shady

Whether you’re after your delicious slider fix, or want to indulge in loaded fries, there is a platter for everyone. The hardest part will be getting all your friends together before these insanely good stacks sell out, so book your table online now.

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