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The top 5 most Instagramable items on our menu

Let’s face it, the first bite into a crispy slice of sourdough topped with creamy avo and marinated feta just speaks to your soul. Or is it a spoonful of a juicy, fresh acai bowl on a warm and salty Summers day? Do you forever think about when you are going to have your next plate of loaded chocolatey waffles for breakfast, or are you normal? If you’re a total foodie at heart, but also love a good photo opportunity, then you’re going to want to keep on scrolling.

These are the top 5 most Instagrammed items on the Platform 82 menu, according to you guys! Let us know if you agree on which ones have made it to their cult favourite status.

P82 Mega Nutella Bucket Monster Shake

This crazy beverage takes freak-shakes to a whole different level. It is an entire bucket of chocolatey goodness that will sweeten you to your absolute core. This extraordinary Nutella thick shake is topped with KitKat, Oreos, marshmallows and strawberries & cream. If you are a sweet tooth at heart, then this is something you may skip a beat for.


P82 Watermelon Acai Bowl Pimp Your Platter Dessert Topper

It is starting to warm up and there is only one thing synonymous with Summer, and that is acai bowls. The Watermelon Acai Bowl Pimp Your Platter Dessert Topper is the rejuvenating fix that you have been craving for all week. This one comes with fresh watermelon, seasonal fruit & granola, that you can add to any of the signature P82 platters. It will be an experience you can’t miss without at least 3 stories and a selfie. This fruity addition is ensured to serve up some envious followers on the ‘gram that will be double tapping for sure.

P82 Avocado Smashed

If you are a millennial that is choosing between a house or the most mouth watering smashed avo to exist, then this one's for you. It’s both unregrettable and mouth watering, the insanely good stack comes with grilled halloumi, marinated feta, baby spinach, fresh tomato, molasses & zaatar on crispy sourdough. It’s food for the soul AND for the feed. A winning combination that will keep you thinking about it for days on end afterwards...

Belgian Waffles Pimp Your Platter Dessert Topper Here is another topper to add on to a cult favourite P82 platter. This Pimp Your Platter Dessert Topper will make you feel like a travel blogger that has woken up right in the middle of Brussels. You won’t catch flights, but you will definitely catch feelings for some of these iconic Belgian Waffles. They come with warmed banana caramel sauce, Belgian chocolate drizzle, fresh banana, blueberries & strawberries, maple syrup and cornetto. It’s a no brainer, but you should definitely keep this one in your Highlights reel.

P82 Big Breakfast

Give your photoshoot the best chance possible with the P82 Big Breakfast platter. You’ll not only start your day right, but you will also be satisfied to find out that this hugely loaded platter doesn’t compensate for flavour. This one is heaped with eggs made three ways, as well as bacon, breakfast sausages, chorizo, mushrooms, hash brown, avocado, feta, slow roasted tomato, baby spinach, and house baked beans. It doesn’t stop there because you can throw on halloumi or smoked salmon into the mix as well for that delicious finishing touch. You’ll be exploding at the waist after this one and be thankful that you’re only getting the shot from your top half upwards. We won’t tell anyone if you have to undo the top button of your jeans at the table afterwards ;)

You’ll only believe how good these dishes really are until you try them for yourself. Whether you’re on a lunch date with your best friend group, or taking a table for one and demolishing one of these plates for yourself, you’ll want to get prepared. Reserve your table online here to avoid #FOMO and have the best #FeedGoals out. You’re welcome in advance. Whatever one you choose, it will make your followers wish they were there.

How many of our top 5 favourites have you tried? Let us know down below, and be sure to tag #Platform82 in your best photoshoots too.

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